About Hilton Meats

Established in May 1985. Hilton Meat Products Limited is the United Kingdom’s only dedicated offal factory. Delivering seven days a week, we employ approx 40 people working on a two shift basis supplying UK Multiples with liver, hearts and kidney in a Tri web retail pack

Major UK Supermarkets Supplied

Hilton Meat Products Ltd is the largest importer of New Zealand and Australian offals and have dealt with the majority of the major meat plants in the UK and Ireland. The team at Hilton have achieved the highest award of Grade A under the BRC standard (version 6), and have also achieved ABM and BQAP approval.

The company has achieved the highest levels possible in all 5 areas assessed by the Northern Ireland Department of Agriculture & Rural Development. We ship to Great Britain through either the Port of Belfast or Port of Larne.

In 2005 Hilton Meat Products Ltd was taken over by Fane Valley Co-operative.

Meticulous Quality Assurance

Our site has Grade A BRC approval (from EFSIS - European Food Safety Inspection Services) which ensures meticulous quality assurance throughout the operation to provide total customer satisfaction. All offal's are carefully inspected before processing to customers own specification. Offal's are trimmed, sliced and loaded into our Tri-web packs which contain an oxygen permeable film to retain colour and bloom. The packs are weigh-price labelled as per customer instructions.